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Table of contents

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Original Paper

Community Factors Shaping Early Age at First Sex among Adolescents in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda PDF
Rob Stephenson, Calleen Simon, Catherine Finneran 161-175
Multiple Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria on Fluted Pumpkin Leaves, a Herb of Therapeutic Value PDF
Oluwatoyin A. Igbeneghu, Abdulrasheed B. Abdu 176-182
Observational Follow-up Study on a Cohort of Children with Severe Pneumonia after Discharge from a Day-care Clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh PDF
Hasan Ashraf, Nur H. Alam, Mohammod J. Chisti, Mohammed A. Salam, Tahmeed Ahmed, Niklaus Gyr 183-189
Microbial Quality of Water in Rural Households of Ethiopia: Implications for Milk Safety and Public Health PDF
Kebede Amenu, Marisa Spengler, André Markemann, Anne Valle Zárate 190-197
Seasonal Dietary Intakes and Socioeconomic Status among Women in the Terai of Nepal PDF
Rebecca K. Campbell, Sameera A. Talegawkar, Parul Christian, Steven C. LeClerq, Subarna K. Khatry, Lee S.F. Wu, Keith P. West, Jr. 198-216
Compliance with Home-based Fortification Strategies for Delivery of Iron and Zinc: Its Effect on Haematological and Growth Markers among 6-24 months Old Children in North India PDF
Sunil Sazawal, Pratibha Dhingra, Usha Dhingra, Shilpi Gupta, Venkatesh Iyengar, Venugopal P. Menon, Archana Sarkar, Robert E. Black 217-226
Prevalence of Household-level Food Insecurity and Its Determinants in an Urban Resettlement Colony in North India PDF
Palanivel Chinnakali, Ravi P. Upadhyay, Deepa Shokeen, Kavita Singh, Manpreet Kaur, Arvind K. Singh, Anil Goswami, Kapil Yadav, Chandrakant S. Pandav 227-236
Relationship between Mothers’ Nutritional Knowledge in Childcare Practices and the Growth of Children Living in Impoverished Rural Communities PDF
Mahama Saaka 237-248
Determinants of Early Initiation, Exclusiveness, and Duration of Breastfeeding in Uganda PDF
Edward Bbaale 249-260
Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices among Pregnant and Lactating Women Living with HIV in the Manzini Region of Swaziland PDF
Sakhile K.S. Masuku, Shu-Jan J. Lan 261-269
Prevalence, Clinical Predictors, and Outcome of Hypocalcaemia in Severely-malnourished Underfive Children Admitted to an Urban Hospital in Bangladesh: A Case-Control Study PDF
Mohammod J. Chisti, Mohammed A. Salam, Hasan Ashraf, A.S.G. Faruque, Pradip K. Bardhan, Abu S.M.S.B. Shahid, K.M. Shahunja, Sumon K. Das, Tahmeed Ahmed 270-275
Impact of Individual, Household and Community Characteristics on Children’s Nutritional Indicators PDF
Lucky Mokgatlhe, Maria S. Nnyepi 276-286
Nutritional Quality and Price of Food Hampers Distributed by a Campus Food Bank: A Canadian Experience PDF
Mahsa Jessri, Arvin Abedi, Alexander Wong, Ghazaleh Eslamian 287-300
Consanguinity and Its Sociodemographic Differentials in Bhimber District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan PDF
Nazish Jabeen, Sajid Malik 301-313
Developmental Screening Tools: Feasibility of Use at Primary Healthcare Level in Low- and Middle-income Settings PDF
Vinicius Jobim Fischer, Jodi Morris, José Martines 314-326
Obesity Epidemic in Brazil and Argentina: A Public Health Concern PDF
Alberto K. Arbex, Denise R.T.W. Rocha, Marisa Aizenberg, Maria S. Ciruzzi 327-334
Psychosocial Correlates of Dietary Behaviour in Type 2 Diabetic Women, Using a Behaviour Change Theory PDF
A. Didarloo, D. Shojaeizadeh, R. Gharaaghaji asl, S. Niknami, A. Khorami 335-341
Use of Contraceptives and Unmet Need for Family Planning among Tribal Women in India and Selected Hilly States PDF
Ranjan Kumar Prusty 342-355
Assessing the Effectiveness of House-to-House Visits on Routine Oral Polio Immunization Completion and Tracking of Defaulters PDF
Dora Ward Curry, Henry B. Perry, Syed N. Tirmizi, Allison L. Goldstein, Meg C. Lynch 356-366

Case Study

Cerebral Atrophy in a Vitamin B12-deficient Infant of a Vegetarian Mother PDF
Celebi Kocaoglu, Fatih Akın, Hüseyin Çaksen, Saltuk Buğra Böke, Şükrü Arslan, Serhat Aygün 367-371
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in an Immigrant Saudi Worker: A Case Report PDF
Hafizur Rahman, Mohammad A. Razzak, Bikash C. Chanda, Khondaker R.H. Bhaskar, Dinesh Mondal 372-376

Information for Contributors

Information For Contributors PDF
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