Relationship between Mothers’ Nutritional Knowledge in Childcare Practices and the Growth of Children Living in Impoverished Rural Communities

Mahama Saaka


This study assessed the relationship between maternal nutritional knowledge in childcare practices and growth of children living in impoverished rural communities. This was an analytical cross-sectional study which covered a random sample of 991 children aged 0-36 month(s). Multivariate analysis showed that, after adjusting for potential confounders, there was a significant positive association between the childcare knowledge index and mean HAZ (β=0.10, p=0.005) but was not associated with mean WHZ. The strength of association increased among women of high socioeconomic status (β=0.15, p=0.014) but there was no significant association among women of low socioeconomic status. Increase in maternal childcare knowledge may contribute significantly to child’s nutritional status in Ghana if there is concurrent improvement in socioeconomic circumstances of women living in deprived rural communities.

Key words: Childcare knowledge index; Child nutrition; Interaction effect; Socioeconomic status; Ghana

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