Editorial Team


  1. Dr. John D. Clemens, Executive Director, icddr,b

Managing Editor

  1. Md. Sirajul Islam Molla, Managing Editor, Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition

Section Editors

  1. Dr. Choudhury Ali Kawser, Co-Editor, Case Studies
  2. Dr. Tahmeed Ahmed, Nutrition, Bangladesh
  3. Prof. Dr. Louis W. Niessen, Chronic Diseases
  4. Dr. K. Zaman, Immunization, Bangladesh
  5. Dr. Marge Koblinsky, Reproductive and Neonatal health
  6. Dr. Stephen P. Luby, Water and Sanitation
  7. Prof. Terence H. Hull, Population, Australia
  8. Prof. Charles P. Larson, Health Systems
  9. Dr. Abbas Bhuiya, Social Determinants of Health, Bangladesh
  10. Prof. P.W. Kolsteren, Co-Editor, Nutrition
  11. Dr. Ruchira Tabassum Naved, Gender Health and Human Rights, Bangladesh





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